small scribbles and watercolors from recent plein air outings

Ravine Gardens Azaleas
PricklyPear Cactus at Gamble Rogers beachside
pencil sketch of Ed at the Spring Arts Festival

Hibiscus in Blue Wine  Bottle
 Drawings and watercolors from recent wanderings of our plein air painters group.(see The AirPlein Blog

Florida is coming to life now, and April here feels like July in NY. Air conditioning is back on, water bottles, cell phones, people or animals left in cars for more than 10 minutes will more than likely melt, sandals are now needed for walking on the hot sand from the car to the water, fire ants are biting, gas prices are way up, the hurricane predictions for 2011 are in, plein air painting needs to begin early, before the sun gets too high in the sky, snow birds have left the building, tourists have returned, jasmine and roses are blooming,
Jungle Rose from undeveloped lot Washwick Pl

the last orange has fallen from our tree, and all the new ones are beginning to grow! It's April, and I'm going to try growing tomatoes again this year! And like every other year, we plan to cut down the pines that shade the pool..so maybe this year! Also, once again we search and pray to find the News Journal Thief, but this year our optimism includes seeing a broken leg as an ID! So on a final note, before this becomes a list of new year's resolutions in April, I'm just resolving to have more daily painting entries for this PAD blog, starting tomorrow! 

 Saw Palmetto at Gamble Rogers