Peace Lilies, Banana Spiders and a Matanzas Sunset

Aside from the ridiculous city ordinances that seem to multiply faster than weeds around here...don't ask... I've decided that Palm Coast is garden and beach. And container gardens in a lanai are a beautiful thing. What was supposed to be a beautiful watercolor rendering of one of the healthier looking peace lilies in our lanai, became another exercise in frustration...but it was fun anyway..if there is such a thing as frustrating fun! The more I attempt to paint in that medium, the more I appreciate the skill and planning needed. Maybe it's a technique acquired only with hours and hours of practice, and going to a few workshops wouldn't hurt either! But many thanks to my  plein air friends over whose shoulders I've taken the equivalent of a few classes...at least to get me started.

An early morning attempt at watercolor...how to do it is still a mystery to me! The illusive subject matter...an ultimate challenge
 Another challenge: trying to multiply the Fushia...never had much success with these up north. These cuttings are doing well so far..but trying to grow one may be an art in itself! and once that is achieved, it will be committed to watercolor paper!
Fushia cuttings with roots already!!

It amazes me how fast things grow here in the summer!..not to mention the Banana Spider and her enormous web! Can you see her scary looking shadow to her left?


 A Matanzas Sunset- another attempt!
Although it rained most of that day, we headed down to Matanzas with our poles, the dog and my watercolors. I took Dakota for a swim while Ed and Freddy searched for the perfect spot to fish. Down the beach a ways, I met a nice young lady walking 2 Jack Russels and a Curr/Australian Cattle mix. We let the dogs run around for a bit, and in our conversation, I learned she had been to County Clare in Ireland, the one spot on earth I'd like to visit! She had nothing but good things to say about her visit there!    Well afterwards, the boys fished in the inlet while I camped out on the beach with Dakota and my paints. The sunset was outrageous, I had some more frustrating fun, and Freddy got to see his first dolphin!