7" x 7.5"
     It was for Dakota, who needed a good run, and if he could tell you, it was long overdue. Ed went on ahead with him after parking at the Hammock Beach lot as I collected my watercolor paraphernalia to walk down to the water. It was cold for this time of yr!  You never know how to dress lately it seems. So anyway, I could see they had made a left on the beach as another doodle and his owners were just coming down the stairs. When Dakota finally recognized me from a distance, he bolted back as if he hadn't seen me in years, and then noticed the doodle on a leash nearby. Dakota usually listens, unless there's good reason in his mind, to ignore all commands. In this case, temporary insanity took over, and he shot over to say hello to the fellow canine.  After making some apologies for his doggy behavior..(why do we humans feel we need to do this?), we put him on his leash.  I sketched the view looking north as we shivered together against a relentless wind.