Wildflowers in a Fish Mug-watercolor

 7 x 8" watercolor on paper
 Early this morning around 5:30 we took the dog walking on the Pine Lakes bike path and rehashed views and opinions about why a couple of  Islamic/American brothers, would want to cause such misery to people they didn't even know...I wondered if they would have personally selected an innocent little girl to shoot nails into, or intentionally ripped the legs off people standing nearby....Were they aware of what they were doing??  Do we blame the violent video games or rated R movies fed to our youth on a daily basis thru TV  theater and internet. Maybe it really was a sinister terrorist plot to cause fear and destroy 'American infidels'?  None of the news reports make any real sense, and another day goes by..More bomb threats across the US, and more death and destruction.. and another beautiful day has arrived. The huge Florida moon is amazing and full over the golf course as we walk along.  Turning around I notice some beautiful wildflowers growing close to the woods and wonder if it's illegal to pick them...Lots of people go to jail for ridiculous reasons these days..What would the legal charge be called I wonder. 'Unlicensed wildflower theft near walking paths' perhaps? There might even be a fine for that! Unfortunately in the last 5 years, this world has become incredibly unfriendly.  I chance it and grab a few wild daisies, and some of those cute little purple things you see popping up on overgrown lawns. Realizing I'm just pruning and encouraging new growth, I justify my actions and pick a few more. What is this world coming to! and it's making us all crazy!  We cross the road and head back to the house. I listen to the cardinals sing their early morning songs and wonder if Walmart would soon be selling blast resistant clothing.
1Cor:  25: '...the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.'