A View with a 'Golden Opportunity'!

            And another what is slowly becoming a collection of watercolors of the same mountain...different days ...but a brand new sunrise every time! You'd think it would be boring to repeatedly paint the same scene  ... but each time is like the first time thanks to the changing light!  This time a misty and almost transparent mountain is backlit with a rising flood of purple, orange and aqua. I'll sign mine at the bottom right, but His signature....is everywhere you look!
  11 X 8.5" watercolor on 130 lb. paper

     We have many long range remodeling goals for this little place... and in addition to having our washing machine brought from the deck into the house, we've decided to redo the bath..slowly, as our budget allows.  So bit by bit, Ed and I juggled priorities and decided what should be done first. We both agreed that the seating in that room needed some updating, and so after making the replacement, our old one will be offered at the foot of our driveway as a functional item free of charge! It also makes a nice flowerpot don't you agree?
8 x 5" watercolor and ink on 130 lb. paper