Wadsworth Dog Park - January 2014 pen and water

One of the first things we did with the dogs after coming back to Florida was to visit this nice park off 100 before the bridge.  At the gate to this place was a welcoming committee of about 15 tail wagging dogs anxious to meet the newcomers! We unleashed Dakota and PG into the crowd, and after some hello growls and lots of sniffing they took off running and free in huge area fenced in just for them! The owners were all seated in a ring of lawn chairs and we immediately felt the camaraderie of like minded friends.  We stayed for a while sharing interesting stories, bits of dog wisdom, solutions for handling difficult breeds, recommendations for vets, and a suggestions for flea, heart-worm and tick treatment! We had so much fun that day talking and watching all the dogs interact with one another like a crowd of unruly hyperactive kids off their meds! There was many tails to chase, lots of trees to pee on and a few red hydrants strategically positioned for their enjoyment. There was sex appeal and parental scolding, digging and sniffing, rivalry and play fighting, and everything else you might expect to see at your average neighborhood brawl, but no one got hurt, and for this first visit, although I did bring my watercolors, I never had a chance to open my bag! I got a real good laugh from the owners when they discovered my intentions! So Ed and I returned later that week and I sketched this corner of the park while it was empty and peaceful!

And below is a watercolor of our Gilboa, NY church (Flat Creek Baptist) made before leaving for Florida. See the blog link to this painting and story. God bless the congregation here! We will miss our wonderful mountain friends from Gilboa!

'Flat Creek Baptist Church' original watercolor on rice paper 10.5" X 5" for sale here