War Veterans Memorial mural layout plans painted on panels in watercolor and gouache

For my husband and I, it would be an honor to have a part in saluting American war veterans who fought, died and went missing during seven of the major wars the America was involved in. This would include the victory parade of the Allied Troops marching through the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France in 1918 at the conclusion of World War I. Here are the requested scenes, which I've painted on 16/17" and 16/12" wide panels. These color renderings are the layout plans for an exterior memorial mural to be painted on a 16ft high x 100'ft long wall. A painted description underneath each scene would provide an historical summary for the viewer. In addition to the work below, the Florida State Flag, the American Flag, and the POW/MIA Flag would be painted across the top of all the war scenes. Names of many of the MIA's (missing in action) for each war would be inscribed on pilasters that separate each war. This war memorial, which is being planned by Clint Snyder, the founder of the Conlee/Snyder Mural Committee of Palatka, Fl, would be an educational and informative work of art, as well as a tribute to all American soldiers down though the years who risked their lives in serving their country and protecting our freedoms.   
(gouache on 16" x 17" panel) 
First World War Troops marching thru the Arc De Triumph -Armistice Day, Nov. 11, 1918... 
The section of wall for this painting is 16ft high x 17ft across. Each inch of the panel represents one foot of wall space
(gouache on 16" x 12" panel) 
To the right of the WW1 mural, another section of the wall measuring 16ft x 12ft, would display 2nd World War scenes: 
(top to bottom) The infamous and tragic bombing of Pearl Harbor, The costly Normandy Beach Invasion, and the flag raising by US Marines on Mount Suribachi in Iwo Jima. 
(gouache on 16" x 12" panel)
To the right again, on the next 16ft x 12ft section, the 'Forgotten War' (top painting) a B29 bomber in action  
(middle painting) the famous 2nd Airborne Ranger Company
(bottom painting)our troops marching across the impossible frozen Chosin Reservoir. 
 (gouache on 16" x 12" panel)
 Vietnam War scenes: (top painting) 1st Air Cavalry Division during Operation Pershing, (middle painting) 101st Airborne Division in Action, (bottom painting) Operation Giant Slingshot showing water cannons in use on the Vam Co Dong River.
(gouache on 16" x 12" panel)

Persian Gulf War scenes: (top painting) Infantry soldiers from the 2nd Brigade prepare to board a UH-60A Blackhawk Army helicopter, (middle painting)7th Marine Expeditionary Force Soldiers from F Company, and (bottom painting) USS Independence Sailors prepare for flight operations in the Persian Gulf
 (gouache on 16" x 12" panel)
Iraq War : 3 scenes showing; (top painting) the US led air raid on the capital in Baghdad, (middle painting)troops awaiting transport, and (bottom painting) Marines of Delta Company crossing over a bridge built by US Army Corps of Engineers in northern Iraq. 
(gouache on 16" x 12" panel)
Afganistan War: (top painting) US Marines of K Company securing a medical evacuation in the Sangin District. There were 30 KIA, and 200 WIA as of May of 2011. (middle painting) Combat Outpost Keating. Hovering close to a jagged rock wall a Chinook helicopter makes air lifts during one of the bloodiest battles of 2009 in which 8 Americans were killed and 24 wounded. It was estimated that 100 enemy soldiers were killed that day.  (bottom painting) Here you see the remains of 'qalats' or walled compounds which make up the Afganistan landscape as a group of soldiers from Able Company patrol the area.

The entire color rendering superimposed upon the wall with all seven wars and their scenes as they would appear when completed except for the descriptions and titles which will be hand painted.