Friday and Saturday at Angela's wall

Marching the scaffolding down St. John's Ave, Palatka to Angela's Boutique - the front page picture of Friday's Palatka Daily News
We were very excited to see the scaffolding waiting for us at our designated wall yesterday compliments of the Conlee Snyder Mural Committee!   (Day 1) was spent measuring and mapping out grid lines on the west facing wall at 726 St. John's Ave in Palatka, Fl.   Sixteen 3 ft square boxes along 54 feet of sidewalk, and four boxes up 14 ft., is the space alloted for 'Harlem Nights' a nightclub scene from the 'Cotton Club'.
Our progress so far
  C.S. Belton, of the Belton Society Syncopators, was responsible for bringing many jazz greats to Palatka, including Duke Ellinton,Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald,
Fats Waller, Jimmie Luncefore, Andy Kirk and Earl Hines.  This painting will celebrate  their association with 3 of those famous musicians and their performances at the Cotton Club in Harlem, NY.  We packed up our weary old bones (not used to all that climbing!) on Day 2 of our mural painting adventure as the hot sun came over the wall at around 1 o'clock. Can't wait to come back again bright and early Monday morning!

Music, atmosphere, and maybe....a kiss!