Day 16 'Harlem Nights in Palatka'

The wall portrait of Duke Ellington
Got a late start today, but aside from the forgotten mat for Ed to paint the 'bottom line', we remembered the basic essentials;  spray bottles for cleaning hands and drips, fat and skinny brushes, measuring sticks, all important tarps, rags, a lawn chair for visitors, the 'can't-do-without' ladder, my bag of reference material, a nice box of left over mixed colors, visor, sandwich and water in a cooler, our unsalted peanuts for snacking, a blble to read on the way,  a change of clothes...etc. Well, today we made some visible progress with Ed filling in some of the music staff and notes to 'It don't mean a thing' 
 That well known jazz tune was a 1931 composition by Duke Ellington, who is seated at his white piano performing that tune with his orchestra at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDQpZT3GhDg  
Old photos and the possible likeness..
Belton's Society Syncopators

WC Belton's portrait on the wall
WC's 1930's photo