Day 18 Harlem Nights in Palatka

Bright colors as seen across from 8th
Working on our music notes for 'It don't mean a thing'
Day 18 and thirty some odd trips back and forth to this wall.. a possible halfway point for this painting! Cracker Swamp Rd off Rt 204, turns through a long Spanish Moss tunnel of trees and there are long deep ditches on either side, making sure we keep both hands on the wheel!
https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4012/4684995891_d351db15ec_z.jpg Could be the inspiration for Princess Bride's Fire Swamp, but it's actually very beautiful early in the early morning light! The corn fields and farms on either side seem to be gathering places for all sorts of birds, turkeys, cranes and we've even seen a few bald eagles!  For the artist into painting rusted tractors, and abandoned farm equipment, this is the place to be! But there's a lot of real farming going on here too, as we occasionally pass a truck full of sweet potatoes probably  headed for the County Line farm stand over in Hastings! BTW, they have the best and biggest vegis I've ever seen! 
This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Palatka hosts their Blue Crab Festival, as they do every Memorial Day weekend! Thank you Palatka, for your love for art, murals, music, food and fun!