Day # 8 at Belton Syncopator's (Harlem Nights) mural

      Well, after the rains last week, our chalk lines mysteriously stayed but the indelible marker lines faded away! So after spending much time re-gridding the wall, we settled into more creative pursuits. And there were a few more mishaps, including today's battle with the scaffolding when one of the wheels rolled into the dirt and refused to budge...  Nevertheless, our mural is finally taking shape and Ed seems to be enjoying this, and even bought a nice brush for filling in the dancers with color!
I love these colors!
I've been busy with my black brush, outlining, correcting, and positioning the figures...found a great way to utilize the cell phone camera ..a distant shot of a large figure viewed close to the wall saves me a hundred trips back and forth across the street!

  a very faint and too chubby Duke Ellington at the piano, with a 9 ft high Belton in the foreground.
an early sketch for the color rendering
 A number of mural committee members have been by giving us moral support, as well as folks on bicycles, on foot, in cars. It's a nice friendly town to paint for, and everyone seems to be excited about this mural!  
Close up of the drummer and piano player
a 1924 news article with a young CS Belton posing with his sax