Day 9 - Doo Wop Doo Wop!

Swing dancer #3 got a pair of pants today!
Coming over the bridge to the busy town of Palatka seems like less of a commute lately and setting up to paint is getting easier too! We stopped at the Ace Hardware first and picked up another brush and a nice new 25 ft tarp for the sidewalk!. What a nice store by the way..more of a garden supply place with a huge covered porch out front...
Anyway, we're moving along, getting all the figures in, and as I sketch them, Ed fills them in with paint. We make a great team! Well today's visitors included our committee chairman John Alexander, Palatka's Daily News photographer Chris, and reporter, Asia. Clint Snyder and his son also stopped by to say hello!    
     Making some headway on the portraits...Duke Ellington may need some modifications...as will Louis Armstrong and Ella, but I think C. S. is recognizable...we'll see..Anyway, swing dancer # 3 with the green jacket now has a pair of pants compliments of my artistic husband who worked very hard at getting them just right!
And don't forget...'It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!...Doo wop doo wop doo wop da da!'
Back home we had a nice early dinner at our favorite 'Funky Pelican'