Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at the Wall

Well, we did have many reference photos furnished to us by the mural committee chair John Alexander, and will be using them once the portrait work begins. Some of the photos for Belton's band members were faded however, and Angela, from Angela's Bridal Boutique made a phone call and was able to have the original photo album from Belton's family sent over to her shop for us to review.  
 It's been a rainy week, but only in the afternoons, so our painting progress continues. Getting to Palatka early, while the sidewalk and street next to the wall is completely shaded makes the most sense, so we can paint til 1pm. My goal is to fill all the grided squares with as much rough sketch as possible, but we noticed some of our chalk lines were so faded as to be almost invisible, and had to be reapplied..this time with marker...which we discovered later fades just as easily! I've become dependent on gridlines for guidance, and our rainy mornings are stealing them away!  Ed has his hands full, redoing the lines, and filling in big areas with color.
 Photo ops with Clint Snyder, founder of the Conlee Snyder Mural Committee