'Harlem Nights' -Day Thirty-Something and the Final Coat

The wet tarp under the scaffold dried in the shade on the sidewalk as we worked from left to right, and when the sun hit the wall we stood back and surveyed the fruit of our labors! 
23 faces, 41 hands and 14 instruments have become believable thanks in part to many cooperative poses from Ed and his grandson!  The snare drum now has legs and band members sit in chairs...there is a subtle mahogany shine on one of the pianos and some 3-D effect in the dancer's clothing..and we've successfully changed the color of the stage rug and curtains as requested and on Friday I painted the last request.. the dates...1924 - 1939.

  I signed our names,
and Ed applied the final ultraviolet protective coat!  whew!...It's a beautiful day AND We are done, brushes all worn to nubs, painting clothes complete with memorable new stains, sidewalk cleaned, car packed for the last time...We had some nice visits from committee members Clint Snyder, John Alexander and Sam Deputy, and Palatka Daily News journalist Chris, who took some more pictures for the paper!

 rendering sketch for this mural