Exterior Walls-Their Lumps and Bumps

Up close to the bumps
The bumps from a distance look good on Wilbur Belton!
          It's a whole 'nother' animal!  every square foot like the surface of the moon! a probable challenge for painting off the canvas...and anyone experienced in coating surfaces for theme parks, sculptures, or other 3-D projects may be able to offer advice...In may respects I feel like a traveler, searching out uncharted territory.. Out here, I'm using familiar tools in an unfamiliar land. In the studio, all is calm, quiet, and secure, and the smooth canvas responds to the paint as expected...There are no colonies of ants crossing my path, no lovebugs mating in the air and landing on my brushes, and when it rains outside, my beautiful masterpiece is protected!  But the bumps are the real issue here, and when the building itself was painted, the desired effect was achieved for a stucco type finish..there was no plan in mind for portraiture upon that surface! And yet, there are so many beautiful works of art painted on bumpy exterior walls in that mural loving town!                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

a young CS Belton
CS (Cortland Sevelle) from a distance