Vietnam Vets Memorial , Day 7

Today is day 7. It was overcast and comfortable with a little rain here and there, but we put 5 more hours into the Operation Pershing scene, completing much of the vegetation in the foreground, smokey skyline and details of the radio telephone operator's gear.
Ed lettered our 2nd scene which will depict the 101st Airborne at Fire Support Base Ripcord. This last major battle against the North Vietnamese Army lasted 23 days. Click on the FSB link above to read one radio operator's personal  recollections of that battle. He was only 18 yrs old at the time.
As we were packing up to go home, a woman who looked to be in her 30's pulled up in her car, close to our scaffold. She looked as if she had been crying.. said she was at the bank across the street and noticed our mural. She said she had to come over because her father was in the 101st Airborne in Vietnam in 1970 and she wanted to thank us for doing this memorial. She wasn't the first to come by with a thank you. Saturday we had a visit from a man and his wife, who just wanted to shake our hands and thank us. He was a Vet himself, and I wondered if the limp he had was possibly a souvenir of that war. There was another Vet who came by the same day, wanting to share a few stories and thank us for painting this mural.