Our progress continues in Palatka as Ed and I make headway painting the last war for this Veteran's Memorial..not our last, but the last war to be depicted. After completing Vietnam and this one of Afghanistan, painting the Korean War would follow. These were chosen because many of the veterans of these wars are still alive today, and would be able to watch the actual painting in progress! Lots of history on the internet for anyone interested in what has been going on over there. Google 'Dark Horse/Afghanistan War in 2011 to read about K Company's rescue mission there (Many died and dozens of Marine's returned home with missing limbs), and The Battle of Kamdesh where a force of 300 Taliban assaulted the American Combat Outpost Keating in 2009. and this war hasn't ended...and we continue to salute the brave men and women who served. and thank the many who stop by to watch and occasionally share a memory or two.
Small scale rendering showing all three sections of how the wall will look on the larger 16'x 12' area.
Scaffolding and shadows partially obscuring our work. The endless Afghanistan War!

Detail for top painting of Afghanistan mural: a Marines rescue operation referred to as 'Dark Horse' This part of Afghanistan was considered to be one of the most dangerous regions to be fighting in.

 further detail of Marine rescue
Weather permitting Ed and I are planning to go tomorrow and paint all week, hopefully to get a good bit of this one done!