Saturday's Chosin Reservoir Scene/and Monday's Rain

Our painting adventure continues with my son exercising his creative potential! He has talent! The lower panel of our Korean War panel now has an icy mountain backdrop!  
   I worked on the painting above Chris's masterpiece as Ed touched up some other areas in the Vietnam scenes. In a few hours we called it quits as the sun came around to our side of the building, but not until Chris completed his frozen Korean mountain range!

Nice work Chris!
Come Monday morning I plan to sketch in the march across the ice, refine our B29 bomber and possibly add a scroll and lettering for each scene. We'll see. 

Monday: Ed laid down a nice clean snow covered lake just under the mountains, where we'll portray a long convoy of soldiers and jeeps crossing the pass, depicting the withdrawal from the Chosin Reservoir. Temps reached 30-40 below 0 at times, and I read that medics had to keep the ampules of morphine in their mouths to prevent the fluid inside from freezing. Blood froze in tubes, guns jammed and truck engines had to be kept running at all times. All this while dodging enemy machine gun fire. In an interview with U.S. Marine Lee Bergee, a survivor of this battle,  he states '...I do believe that Chosin was a classic example of a small but well-disciplined force prevailing over a tenacious enemy, severe weather and overwhelming odds. Other battles have had high battle casualties and fierce fighting, but it was the severe weather and the fact that we were fighting off six Chinese divisions that made the Chosin Reservoir campaign so different from the rest.'
   And here is the progress on my group painting...
I wonder how many out of this group came home.

Trying to do justice to the brave men who served, young faces, many in their 20's off to fight a war not understood.

 The 2nd Ranger Infantry Company (Airborne) was organized on October 9, 1950, assuming the lineage of A Company of the 2nd Ranger Battalion. (an initial strength of 135 enlisted men)

.. Tuesday was a complete washout and we drove home soaking wet with nothing more done than a couple scrolls sketched in on the pillars! No pictures of this or the rainstorm that swept paint, rags, water, brushes etc, onto the ground below!